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Land Use


We work with an array of companies and organizations to advance local, regional, and statewide policies that foster thoughtful planning and encourage growth in urban areas. With deep subject-matter experience in land use policy, we take a long view on the issue of development and its importance to maintaining livable, equitable, and prosperous communities. We help our clients advocate for increased density and more housing options to support population growth and expand economic prosperity.

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Real Estate Projects

Our firm has deep experience guiding highly complex commercial, industrial, and residential development projects.  Our team is finely attuned to the region's political sensibilities and microclimates. We help both for-profit and not-for-profit development groups identify opportunities and gain community support to move forward. When regulatory challenges arise, we help our clients work with local governments and other stakeholders to keep projects on track.




Environmental stewardship is an imperative priority for our region. Many businesses invest heavily to make their operations greener. We help them leverage these investments by increasing stakeholder awareness. Take the work we did for a large service provider. We designed a multi-channel public engagement campaign with their in-house team to boost enthusiasm and engagement about recycling, food composting, and waste reduction practices. The media jumped on the stories we pitched.




Washington state's life sciences industry has grown into a top emerging cluster in the U.S. Our firm's expertise is broad and deep, having served startups and multinational companies. We've helped CEOs hone their pitch decks, and we've created deft public relations plans that boost investor awareness, generating valuable earned media. For companies struggling to attract talent, we’ve helped them connect with educational partners to start workforce training programs and internships. Every project is as unique as the companies we serve.

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Workforce Development

Many of our region's most innovative companies struggle to find the workers they need to sustain and grow their businesses. Bannecker Public Affairs works side-by-side C-level leaders to build connectivity with institutes of higher education and expand talent pipelines. We've helped create unique educational partnerships, new internships, industry-relevant certificates, and an industry-owned workforce training center that attracted public investment. All of our work is done through the lens of equity and inclusion with the goal of increasing opportunities for underrepresented communities.

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